Chemical Manufacturing Equipment is held to some of the strictest standards due to the nature of many chemicals and their processes. Production of high quality products is of utmost importance to their bottom line; therefore, Ingersoll Rand has been one of the top brands chosen for their Class 0 Oil-Free Air Solutions.

Solutions for the chemical industry include:

  • Fermentation and Aeration
    • Compressed air supplies oxygen to bacteria during fermentation and for oxidation.
  • Air Separation
    • Compressed air supplies the air for separation in PSA plants.
  • PET Production
    • Compressed air is used to produce and transport PET resin beads.
  • Pneumatic Transport and Controls Systems
    • Compressed air is used to pneumatically transport materials such as PVC, PTA and DMT chips and to power control values and actuators.
  • Safety in Hazardous Processes
    • Safety is a critical concern for the chemical manufacturing industry. Safety management system deficiencies, equipment failures, human error and unforeseen chemical reactions are just a few of the risks that this industry must work to mitigate on a daily basis to ensure employee and environmental safety.

Chemical Manufacturing Equipment we carry:

  • Centac
  • Rotary Oil Free

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