Glass Manufacturing


Cisco Air provides Glass Manufacturing Equipment. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “The glass industry is a mature, capital- and energy-intensive industry that relies on abundant and durable raw materials.”

“The U.S. glass industry is a leader in global production and technology. Glass products are supplied to value-added manufacturing industries to produce such products as semiconductor devices, photovoltaics and other solar equipment, consumer electronics, building materials, and vehicle parts.”

With energy costs continuing to be on the rise, air energy audits can determine problem areas with glass manufacturing equipment and systems, which have been draining a plant’s resources and profits. Implementing new techniques or replacing outdated equipment with newer, more efficient equipment may increase energy efficiency and product output, thus achieving a quick turnaround on a company’s return on investment.

A few areas the glass industry is researching include, high temperature recuperators, waste heat recovery, and thermo-chemical recuperation, but none of these have been implemented as of the 2007 Final Report – Industrial Glass Bandwidth Analysis [PDF].

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