Plastic Manufacturers


With the advent of Blow Molding technology, some of the first plastics manufacturing equipment was invented, which in turn led to the first celluloid baby rattles being manufactured. Celluloid was the first synthetic plastic material developed in the 1860s and 1870s.

To make certain shapes, hold uniform wall thicknesses and create hollow parts, such as plastic bottles, celluloid was the preferred material. That was until December 1942 when the first polyethylene bottle was created using the Blow Molding method. After this, the plastics industry exploded and it has been reported that the United States alone produces between 30-40 billion plastic bottles per year. Today, with the advances in technology and increased production scale, PET Blow Molding automation has increased production efficiency.

The PET Blow Molding process is not without its challenges, which is why Ingersoll Rand introduced alternative plastics manufacturing equipment.

Companies must be able to successfully compete in the world market or they run the risk of extinction. In order to keep a healthy advantage, they turn to reliable and trusted sources for their plastics manufacturing equipment. At Cisco Air Systems, we know that keeping your production lines running smoothly and minimal downtime is essential. When scheduled, or unscheduled downtime occurs, it is costly.

For the first time, you can choose between different, highly advanced air compression technologies, which now include the outstanding performance of four-stage centrifugal and reciprocating compressors.

With a thorough understanding of the dynamics in today’s strenuous production environment, Ingersoll Rand unveils ground-breaking 4-stage centrifugal technology and 4-stage reciprocating technology, for unmatched reliability and performance. Together with our other highly regarded reciprocating solutions, these superior technologies from a single source provider offer the PBM Industry:

  • Lower life-cycle cost
  • Unmatched product durability
  • Ability to thrive in punishing environments
  • Economical and efficient solutions to maximize productivity
  • Numerous configurations to meet any operational need
Plastics Manufacturing Equipment we carry:
  • Centac
  • Rotary Oil Free
  • Rotary
  • PET Blow Molding

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